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Put some stability in your car or SUV with Tokico Premium Performance, illumina adjustable and advanced handling systems.

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The design and quality necessary to control excess chassis motion and keep the tires firmly on the road surface. The twin-tube low-pressure design uses a multistage variable-aperture sandwich-valve
system consisting of precision spring plates and angle drilled piston ports. This sophisticated oil flow management system provides the right amount of resistance at
a wide variety of suspension motions and velocities.

TOKICO performance shocks also use a special rod guide design and low friction piston to minimize mechanical drag. Combine all of this with great ride quality and you have a truly superior shock absorber value!
Adjustable shocks also available.
(source: Tokico)

Manufactured from the
finest alloy spring steel, they are engineered to lower your car while
providing an excellent combination of handling and ride quality. The fact that they also improve the
looks of your car is an extra benefit. Sport springs should always be
combined with performance shock
absorbers. Obviously we recommend TOKICO gas shocks for the best possible match. Using
TOKICO springs with our shocks also ensures that your warranty stays intact.

These kits combine
TOKICO sport springs
with either
Performance (blue) or
Illumina adjustable
(white) shocks and/or
struts. The matched
kits offer an incredible
combination of
handling, ride quality,
appearance and
savings. (The kit cost
is less than buying the
parts separately).

New from TOKICO are
competition coilover
shocks and spring kits.
These kits feature
adjustable damping
Illumina shocks with
threaded adjustable
spring seats for ride
height adjustment. The
complete kit includes 4
Illumina coilover shock
absorbers, spring seat
adjuster tools, a shock
adjuster and 4 special


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