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Many of the KONI Sport dampers are externally adjustable by means of a knob, so they need not be disassembled from the car.

The fine-tuning of the damping forces to personal driving style and to different driving conditions is therefore not more than a matter of seconds. The best of fine-tuning technology straight from the world of Formula 1 racing.

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Street Sport

Street Special

The KONI Sport product line is one of our specialties. KONI serves sporting drivers with a carefully designed range of sport shock absorbers and suspension kits with lowering springs. This line focuses on exceptional road-holding and handling properties, combined with an acceptable level of comfort.

Its characteristics include responsive steering, improved body control and limited body movements when braking and accelerating, all resulting in a direct feel and excellent wheel-road contact.

The red KONI Special is designed for drivers who want to improve their car’s handling. Improved comfort and road holding combined with a higher level of safety, available for almost every car. Each shock absorber is customised for the car model. Hence, a KONI Special is always the best choice for replacement as well as improvement.

KONI Special shock absorbers are available for almost any car. KONI select the most appropriate technology for each car from the wide range of shock absorber types. Each shock absorber is then customized for the car model. Hence, a KONI Special is always the best choice, for replacement as well as improvement.

Street Sport - Car Applications
Street Special - Car Applications


KONI Suspension Kits KONI Ride Height Adjustable Kits

Complete kits consisting of matching KONI Sport shock absorbers and lowering springs. These kits will give the car absolutely superb road-holding qualities and the looks of a real sports car.
With KONI lowering springs the center of gravity of the car is lowered. Combined with a firmer suspension this will result in even better steering qualities and reduced body movement. The use of lowering springs requires special damping characteristics: the mere application of stiffer springs together with ordinary shock absorbers often has a negative impact on road-holding and comfort, and may even lead to dangerous situations.

Top of the line are the KONI Ride Height Adjustable Kits
These offer Sport shock absorbers and lowering springs, but here the KONI dampers have external threads giving variable lowering.
Specially designed KONI Sport shocks and lowering springs guarantee perfect handling, whilst the Ride Height can be adjusted to anyone’s individual liking.
High Technology from the racing tracks around the world straight on your own car.



Suspension Kits - Car Applications
Adjustable Ride Height Kits - Car Applications

Koni Special Shocks Installed on Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam


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