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Lowering Springs

INTRAX quality starts at the source. All INTRAX springs are produced under strict quality guidelines assured by ISO 9001 standardization. From the raw Chrome Silicon sourced from Bekaert in Belgium to our box producer in Germany, INTRAX and its suppliers are held to the highest standards in the industry. While our European and private label products carry TUV certification for the German, Austrian and Danish markets, INTRAX US versions are produced identically, even without requirements for TUV approval. Don't be fooled by manufacturers who claim to carry TUV approval on US version springs; they are at best stretching the truth to sell more product. The United States, with their stringent safety standards usually require a unique design from their European counterparts. This changes the design enough that it would require another TUV certificate (again, not required for US). INTRAX is proud to offer unsurpassed quality in the US and Europe; no misleading sales pitches, just the finest springs. (source: Intrax)


Super Sport kits provide aggressive drivers with substantially stiffer spring rates and some of the lowest fitments available for street cars, Super Sport springs lower vehicles 2.25"-2.5", providing race car looks with handling to match. All Super Sport kits are made with the same quality material and design standards used with our lowering sport spring kits. Super Sport lowering springs are designed to be used with aftermarket sport shock absorbers. Minor modifications or camber kits may be required. (source: Intrax)



The installation of any INTRAX lowering kit requires that the vehicle's alignment be checked. Depending required to specifications on the year, make, model, mileage and general condition of the vehicle, a camber kit may be required to return the vehicle to within factory specifications. Correcting a vehicle's camber to factory specifications ensures even and proper tire wear. In some cases, an INTRAX camber adjustment kit is needed. INTRAX offers it a variety of camber correction kits, including full replacement control arms, to camber bolts, which provide from -2º to +3.25º of adjustment, depending on the application. (source: Intrax)



All INTRAX Anti-Roll Bar (ARB) kits are engineered specifically for the vehicle that they are offered for. INTRAX has designed its ARB’s to replace the original equipment bars and utilize all of the factory mounting points. This eliminates the need for additional brackets and clamps which typically reduce ground clearance. The ARB kit has been designed to be used in conjunction with INTRAX lowering kits and the ARS coilovers. All ARB kits feature bars with increased rates. This is accomplished by increasing the diameter of the bar or its wall thickness on its tubular applications. ARB’s are manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment specifications and are powder coated in rich INTRAX purple. INTRAX has invested a great deal of time in researching and testing each fitment to determine the correct designs even offer several settings to allow you to fine tune the balance of the vehicle to better suit your driving style. ARB kits feature polyurethane bushings and top quality hardware, along with a set of comprehensive instructions. (source: Intrax)


The INTRAX ARS concept was developed as an uncompromised coilover system for street and performance use. INTRAX chose to design a system based upon their IRS modular Motorsport Damper's which are widely accepted at the highest level of Motorsport. This eliminated the need to buy parts from other shock companies as our competition does.
The INTRAX ARS coilover shocks are of a Mono-Tube high-pressure design. All Intrax ARS coilover are pressurized with the inert gas Nitrogen at 11 to 12 Bar. That's 11 to 12 times the pressure exerted on your body right now. This helps maintain consistent dampening at the most extreme piston shaft speeds. Intrax ARS coilovers also feature a large diameter specially heat-treated aluminum body which increases shock volume up to 150%. The utilization of aluminum and the large volume make the INTRAX ARS coilovers thermally stable under the most demanding of conditions. In addition the INTRAX ARS uses one of the largest pistons in use at 45mm and a robust piston shaft of 22mm for Mac Pherson struts and 14mm on shocks. This creates a large displacement difference between the compression and rebound stroke allowing for better low speed dampening characteristics. All of these features are constructed on a modular system derived from our Motorsport IRS program. This allows us to offer the same high quality services to the general public available previously only to our Motorsport customers. INTRAX offers custom valve setting or rebuilding for drag racing, amateur road racing and autocross. All of this adds up to make the INTRAX ARS coilover’s the finest on the market today. (source: Intrax)



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