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OE Sport Springs

Stage 1

" These are an H&R exclusive: Springs that lower your car subtly, to give it a slightly more aggressive stance, but without giving it an overly radical appearance. Spring rates are tuned to enhance front-to-rear balance and street handling performance, (generally about 15-20% stiffer than stock) while retaining a level of ride comfort that's equal to or better than stock. Why not have it all?"
Sport Springs

Stage 2

"When you want to get serious, H&R Sport Springs are the hot setup. These are our most popular springs - they lower your machine an average of 1.5 - 2.0 inches (depending on make and model) for improved handling, better aerodynamics and a simply outrageous look. Each spring is tuned for that elusive combination of shifter-kart handling and a controlled, yet comfortable ride (about 25-30% stiffer than stock)."

Race Springs

Stage 3

"For the driver who wants the ultimate in handling - and
an over-the-top, highly aggresive look - H&R Race
Springs are the perfect solution. We recommend that you match these dynamic, race-spec springs (from 50 to
100% stiffer than stock) with high-quality, sport-tuned
dampers for optimum handling. Also, going this low
means you'll need special camber-adjusting components
to keep your alignment in line."

Cup Kits

Stage 3.5

In their endless quest to ensure the ultimate driving
performance, H&R introduces their new cup-kit
suspensions. Every kit is a specifically matched shock
and spring set, distinctively designed to provide
aggressive performance and sleek-styling in one,
ready-to-go package.
Achieved with a specially developed progressive
spring tuned explicitly for your car, and then matched
to custom valved performance sport shocks, most
cup-kit applications will lower the ride height more
than two inches while providing a decidedly more
dynamic performance.
Additionally, since cup-kits have such a low ride height, camber measurements will be negative. Negative camber causes quicker wear and camber adjusting devices will be necessary in most applications.
Boasting the highest standards of the industry leader in quality and performance, H&R's cup-kits are a competitively priced alternative for the driving enthusiast.

Coil Over Suspension

Stage 4

"To work at its best, a suspension system has to have
its dampers (the shock absorbers) precisely matched
to its springs. And the dampers have to be the best
available, custom-designed from the ground up and
carefully tuned by race-proven experts. That's where
H&R Coil-Overs come into the picture. These complete
units use the latest in dynamic damper technology.
They are hand-made in Germany to rigid ISO9001
quality specs, with fully-threaded shock bodies to let
you fine-tune your ride height quickly, easily and
precisely. These are perfect for Porsche Club racing or
similar track events, or even your wild, all-out street machine. They are tuned for the uncompromised handling you demand, but without the harshness you'd expect from a less-advanced suspension system."
Wheel Spacers

"When it comes to all-out cornering performance, one
rule applies: wider is really, truly better. H&R TRAK+
wheel spacers let you balance the handling and
performance of your car to suit your aggressive driving
style, and without spending the time, money and
trouble of springing for bigger wheels and tires. Most
manufacturers, even Porsche and BMW, leave 20 to
30mm of extra space between the wheels and the fenders, to suit arcane regulations or to leave space for flapping tire chains. These light-alloy spacers push your existing wheels or even your hot, aftermarket alloys out to fill the wheelwells properly, giving you better cornering, better aerodynamics and even better looks."

Source: HR springs

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