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Dynotest Stage II : Recover 1.35 HP factory Performance Spec. & Gain 6.98 HP / 2.25 lb-ft Torque Performance on Volkswagen Golf R 2.0 Turbo. (Air Conditioning turned On During the Test) (Click Image)


Increase your Vehicle Horsepower, Torque, & Fuel Mileage by Enhancing Factory ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Electrical Performance.

Factory ECU controls your vehicle functions through electrical current such as: air conditioning, navigation, audio, lighting, engine alternator, valve, and throttle switch, transmission, spark plugs, fuel pressure, and all engine combustion processes.

Changing in engine rpm and alternator can't switch from charge to discharge rapidly enough to quell small-scale voltage fluctuations or electrical "noise" in your car. This can adversely affect your car's electrical components & performance. For example, when you turn on your vehicle's AC (air conditioner), you'll notice car engines lose power and acceleration. This problem is happening in today's modern vehicle as well.

By Eliminating any electrical noise fluctuations' supply to factory ECU, your vehicle will definitely get Increased Power and Torque throughout the whole rpm-range. Very nice.

Get your New Driving Experience today! Guaranteed Increased Performance.


1990 - 2023 All Vehicle Models (Diesel / Gasoline / Hybrid)


- Increase Torque and Horsepower as much as 3% with stage I, 5% stage II.
- Improve Fuel Efficiency. Save as much as 5-7% more on fuel / mpg.
- Improve Engine Response. Quicker Engine Start and Better Throttle Response throughout all rpm ranges.
- Stabilizes idling, lesser engine noise and smoother gear shift on automatic car.
- Build-In Electrical Noise Filter. Reduce stereo, any air conditioning interference and improve the brightness of headlights.
- Optimize standard electrical equipment performance to extend the lifetime of car components.
- Enhance upgraded electrical equipment performance such as: MSD Ignition, NGK Plugs, Fuel Pressure Reg., & Eprom/ECU Chip Upgrades.

* Quick and easy self installation in just minutes.
* Simply connects the unit cables onto your car battery terminals and it's done. Very easy.
* Complete instructions are included.

* Comes with All Weather Aluminum Enclosure. Heat Resistant & Waterproof.
Outperform any Competitors (D1,HKS,Pivot, Qmax) with Better Triple Performance Results.
* TUV Quality Approved.
* Five Year Warranty. Made in USA.

* Factory OEM compatible & Warranty safe.
* Work with all Fuel Injected Vehicles including Turbo and Diesel Types.
* Works in conjunction with any other performance upgrades (ie: air intake, supercharger, exhaust, etc)


* Included: Performance Voltage Stabilizer, Installation kit, and Installation Manual.


* Always in stock and shipped within 24-48 hours.

* Shipping is $8 within USA/Canada, 7-12 days Worldwide. No extra cost international shipping (limited time offer).

Stage I Stage II

Price: $149 ($179)

Price: $249 ($299)

Stage I is suitable for Everyday Driving.
Stage II is suitable for Racing Style Driving.

> FAQ:

1. Will this fit my vehicle?

Yes, this will work with all gasoline / diesel type vehicles, including trucks and SUVs. Very nice.

2. What is the difference between Stage I & Stage II?

The difference is Stage II has more capacities to filter more electrical noise than Stage I. Stage I is very good for daily driving and Stage II is recommended for more aggressive driving style such as offroad and racing applications.

3: Does the device cause harm and interfere with the electronics / warranty in my car?

Not at all. This is a factory compatible unit and will not void your car warranty.
You can also feel confident in the fact, that the B&B Voltage Stabilizer is tested & engineered as factory compatible unit and won't not cause any harm to the car's electronics. In fact, filtering electrical noise protects the circuits and may cause them to work better and last longer as well.

4. Is it easy to install?

Yes, definitely. You can install this by yourself in just minutes. All you need is a wrench to install the product! Nothing could be simpler; Just connect the + and – wires to the battery and it is done. Very easy and complete instructions will be also included.

5. How soon can i expect my B&B Performance Voltage Stabilizer order?

We will ship your item promptly & email your shipment reference (tracking information) within 24-48 hours after receiving your payment. Shipping may take 3 to 5 business days within continental USA, 7-12 business days outside USA.


You'll be happy with the new driving experience. Satisfaction is yours. Guaranteed.

"Works great for my 04 Mazda 3 S. Improved my idle and engine turn over. Much more even response in the mid-high end having a/c full blast high beams and stereo full blast and reving the hell out of the engine! Thank you"
Peter H. Riedl, Jefferson WI .

"The additions of a voltage stabilizer has decreased the idle rpm by 150. The engine feels smoother throughout the entire range, better throttle response, and fuel consumption is very slightly better (1/10 gallon/hour less). I use a scangauge II, so my findings are actually measured, and as far as I'm concerned, every little bit helps. Whether you're a hard core modder or an every day commuter, this addition is a must-have!"
Eric F., East Worcester, NY

"The product is nice built. Overall improves performance of my car. Always notice car light dimmed when headlight or zircon is turned on. But after installed, it's not anymore. Would recommend to my friends. Thank you"
Michael A. Becker, London, UK

 "Thanks for all of your assistance. I have been very pleased with my purchasing experience and you have been a tremendous help. Greeting from Croatia"
Tomislav Malcic, Nasice, Croatia.

" I have gotten a few of these for a few different cars. All made improvements and all tested on many different cars. The best application.this would work with is performance tunned cars. Always felt like something was missing in the top end of one of my race cars and this fixed it with a huge improvement. Maybe 10hp at 5800rpm. Other cars 1-3mpg+. Great Job guys
Trevor Jones , Reno, NV.

* Maximize your Ride with More Power & Fuel Savings - It's a Win-Win
Works in conjunction with any other performance upgrades (ie: cold air intake, chip, supercharger, exhaust, etc)
* B&B Performance Line Car Voltage Stabilizers are available only through Global Autoshop, the sole distributor Worldwide.


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