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Avaiable in 4-1, 4-2-1 one piece, and 4-2-1 two piece

Designed to get the most out of high revving, high performance motor, and more power from 4000 RPM to redline without losing any power on the bottom end. It features a trapezodal merge collector to increase ground clearance without sacrificing performance. The near equal length primaries, CNC mandrel bent tubing and true merge collector ensures performance.
4-2-1 (one piece)
The piece design will allow for lighter weight and a cleaner look. All one piece headers features lightened CNC mandrel flanges, CNC bent tubes, and TIG welded construction.

4-2-1 (two piece)
Designed for ease of installation with a factory like fit. Developed in the dynamic test systems engine dyno to ensure that the header makes the most power and torque available.


CAT Back System
TCS (Twin Canister System)

Developed with mandrel bent stainless steel tubing with a straight through design and designed with a few strict design parameter to make more power.

Car application


DAS (Direct Air Charger)

Designed with CNC machined coupler to ensure a perfect fit to the throttle body, 3" mandrel bent aircreaft quality aluminum, all necessary fittings for the temperature sensor and breather lines to create 7-10 horsepower.

Car application


Strut Bars
Designed to tie the strut towers together, which eliminate the flex regularly associated with uni-body construction. By eliminating this flexing, it will create a great car's suspension giving you the edge over your competition. Constructed from CNC 6061 Billet aluminum.
Tie Bars
Designed especially for a hardcore performance driveres to help strengthen the rear control arms by bracing the sheet metal at its weakest point. Suspension and handling are improved by eliminating the flexing common in the low mounted rear control arms.
Constructed from CNC 6061 Billet aluminum.

Car application

CAM Gears

Billet CAM gears (adjustable)
Developed with a finite element analysis to design an adjustable cam gear that is lightweight and durable. It's a well engineered product that will increase performance without sacrificing reliablity.

Car application

Fuel System
& Other Accessories

Fuel Rail
It's the perfect upgrade to get the most from your tweaked out high performance motor. It's machined from biller 6061 T-6 aluminum on our precision CNC machining center. The fuel rail can be used with the stock or high flow fuel injuectors. Also comes with additional port for a fuel pressure gauge or nitrous setup.

Short Shifters, Battery Tie Down, Shift Knobs, Spark Plug Wire Covers, Oil Filter Caps

Car application

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