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Since 1983 Superchips Inc. has been upgrading import vehicles. Superchips Inc. has been able to utilize the technology that Superchips Ltd in the United Kingdom designs for their applications in the European and Asian market. We have over 15 years experience in import vehicles, the Superchips concept was first designed for the Mitsubishi Starion Group N racing team.

The upgrades for the import vehicles can be divided between two basic parts. The Eprom, which consists of a 28-pin chip and descrambler, and the Superchips Icon, an inline ignition computer.

We carry full lines of Superchips products. Fore more information on car applications, please check the link bellow.

Performance Tuning Chip

Remaps your fuel and ignition curves at both part and full throttle for peak performance throughout the powerband
- Firmer shifting without the delays
- Optional rev and speed limiter adjustments (on most vehicles)

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