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Covercraft is the world's largest manufacturer of custom patterned covers for cars, vans, pickups, SUV's, street rods, limos, trailers and RV's.

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SeatSaver - Custom-patterned Seat Protection for SUV's & Pickups
Keep your seats looking new for years with slip-on SeatSaver seat protectors. Custom patterned, they slip on to provide protection from
sun, dirt, outdoor fun, or workweek abuse. Breathable, heavy duty polycotton fabric won't give you that "sticky" feeling that neoprene or
vinyl seat covers will. You can go anywhere in comfort and still be able to easily remove the seat covers if they become soiled and just
throw them into your home washer and dryer and then slip them back on.

Front End Masks/Bras
Originated in Germany, where a prestige car manufacturer covered the front of each car as it came off the production line prior to a shake-down run around their famous test track, masks have long been considered a necessity for any car owner wanting to protect the area of the car that takes the most abuse on the road - the front end.... especially the leading edge of the hood and any painted areas around the grille.

Tonneau Covers for Pickups
Not only do tonneau covers help make a pickup more aerodynamic, increasing gas mileage, they also provide a covered area for storing items in the bed. Covercraft makes three types of tonneau covers to fit both the needs and budget of any pickup owner.

Spare Tire Covers
All providing all-weather protection for spare tire storage.

UV Heat Shield
UV Heat Shields help reduce interior temperature and protect the interior from damaging sun rays that penetrate the front windshield. Our heat shields are custom patterned, insulated and available in two styles. Custom patterned to follow the outline of the windshield, we have over 500 patterns to fit most popular cars, pickups and vans. Front windshield UV shields provide protection at the beach, work, airport...anywhere you park, and they're easy to use.

Pet Pad Seat Protector
Heavy-duty quilted material protects seats and provides a comfortable pad for pets. Universal fit for bucket or bench seats, pet pads are constructed from 210 denier rip-stop nylon backing, quilted to 420 denier waterproof, PVC backed woven polyester. Sandwiched in between is soft, high-loft, insulating Dupont® Hollofil®. The entire pet pad is bound with an abuse resistant 2 inch black webbing that is double needle sewn in place. The perfect complement to the Roadie Pet Restraint, pet pads are easy to clean - just hose it off and hang to dry.

Roadie - The Ultimate Pet Restraint System
The Roadie Restraint was carefully designed to keep your dog safe and secure during sudden stops, sharp turns and extreme
situations. It was recently rated as "Best Canine Restraint" by a leading University School of Veterinary Medicine.

High Performance Tailgate Nets
Pro Net invented the single piece tailgate net and is the recognized leader in quality, fit and finish! Every Pro Net features the patented high-performance, even-tensioning design that requires only four mounting holes to produce a perfectly flat, sag-free installation. For good looks and increased air flow through the truck bed, Pro Net provides a selection of styles and colors to complement any pickup.

Powersport Covers
Covercraft makes covers for motorcycles, ATV's and Personal Watercraft, plus durable & functional motorcycle luggage!

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