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ighlight the elegance of your AUDI A5 with this rear chrome trunk molding trim.

Made of high impact chrome plated plastic molding, they install easily with double sided 3m adhesive. Make your Audi rear look fabulous.


AUDI A5 (2007-Present) All Types (Coupe/Cabriolet/Sportback)


EASY INSTALLATION. In just minutes,
you'll want to hit the road immediately to flash the new great look. Easy trimming installation. Manual is also included.

MODERN & GREAT STYLING. Modernize your Audi appearance on the street!

QUALITY MADE. High quality & durable chrome plastic. Withstand all seasonal elements. Backed with
5 Yr. Warranty.

Must have and great value. This will make a beautiful addition to your AUDI A5. Get yours today.

AFTER - AUDI A5 (Rear Chrome Trunk Lid Style I)

AFTER - AUDI A5 (Rear Chrome Trunk Style II)

BEFORE & AFTER 2018+ AUDI A5 Coupe (Rear Chrome Trunk Style I)


In stock and shipped within 24-48 hours. Shipping may take 2 to 5 business days within continental US via USPS. International inquiry is welcomed.


- Shipping is $6.95 in USA / Canada. For international shipping rates, click here.
- Please specify your AUDI A5 year and model when ordering

(Coupe/Cabriolet/Sportback) Made in USA Made in Germany
AUDI A5 (2007 - 2012) Style I

Price $33 ($38)

Price $42 ($47)

AUDI A5 (2007 - 2012) Style II

Price $33 ($38)

Price $42 ($47)

AUDI A5 (2013 - 2017) Style I

Price $33 ($38)

Price $42 ($47)

AUDI A5 (2013 - 2017) Style II

Price $33 ($38)

Price $42 ($47)

AUDI A5 (2018 - 2018) Style I

Price $33 ($38)

Price $42 ($47)

AUDI A5 (2018 - 2018) Style II

Price $33 ($38)

Price $42 ($47)

> FAQ:

1. What is the difference between the chrome trunk lid trim made in USA & Germany?

The difference is the material grade. The German made is more durable for extreme weather conditions. In terms of finishing, both of them are great styling and value.

2. Is it easy to install?

Yes, you can install this chrome trunk molding trim by yourself in just minutes. Very easy and installation manual will be included.

3. How soon can I expect my order?

Shipping will take approximately 2-5 days within USA. Internationally, it will take 4-10 days outside USA. Shipping tracking will be emailed promptly. We will email your shipment reference within 24-48 hours after receiving your order.

Sample Close up Picture


You'll be happy with the new appearance of your Audi. Satisfaction is yours. Guaranteed!

 "Thank you very much for the fast service. I received the goods yesterday. All fitted and looking good."
Khurem Goheer , Surrey, United Kingdom.

 " The rear chrome trim just came in and it is very very nice, I like, it looks sharp on my wife car. Thanks a bunch buddy, I will shop for more with GAS"
Miroslav Uchytil, Everett, WA.

 " Installation couldn't be easier. I should have done this a long time ago. Very Nice. Thanks"
Mike Caldwell, Nashville, TN.

 " I would like to send my special gratitude as I have just received my order today. Everything I've ordered from you has been exceptional"
Bernard W. White, Lincoln Park, MI.

"  Item arrived today and I installed them myself  in about 10 mins. Love the way they make the rear end look. Thanks so much!!"
Darlene Davison, Fairport, NY.

 " I would wish to let you know and thank you that item ( 1550022 order ID ) arrived safe and sound yesterday .It's a superb quality and will enhance look of my car."
Tarik Tarhan, Balikesir, Turkey

" High Quality, Exclusive Modern Styling, & Great Value. We are the sole distributor in USA & Worldwide. It's time to upgrade your AUDI A5 with the new chrome trunk lid trim to a great and stunning appearance! "


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