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Jetex exhaust will fit most of car applications

All Jetex aluminiumised exhausts are supplied with 18 month warrenty. All systems conform to EC noise levels and strict German TUV regulations, however quiet need not mean boring! Jetex exhausts have a unique sound frequency engineered to give them a Sporty note.

Jetex "absorption" principle silencers and a minimum 2" bore diameter mean less back pressure - up to 92% less in some cases. This means increased power and torque, improving acceleration and hill climbing ability. Available with various stainless steel tailpipes including Single Round, Twin Round, Twin DTM, Single oval and Twin oval.

Stainless Steel Also available are the new Jetex Stainless Steel exhausts offering the same high quality as the aluminiumised systems but with the advantage of the long life of stainless steel.

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Audi BMW Ford Honda
Mazda Mercedes Opel Peugeot
Porsche Renault Rover Seat
Skoda Toyota Volkswagen Volvo

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