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The fine combination of German technology, Italian design, and internationally minded management has raised the Racing Dynamics trademark to the highest levels of worldwide recognition and fame. Consistent with BMW M principles, Racing Dynamics believes in high revving naturally aspirated engines to generate maximum thrust. Without supercharging or turbo charging, the size and total weight of the engine can be kept to minimum. Lightweight exclusive materials and components reduce the restrictions of the engine and extract more power. Combining these engines with fine-tuned suspension systems and sleek aerodynamics, Racing Dynamics builds exclusive automobiles that perform in a class of their own.

8 Series 7 Series 6 Series 5 Series 3 Series
Z8 [E52] E65 E24 X5 [E53] E46
E31 E38     E39 E36
    E32     E34 E30

Racing Dynamics is for BMW Enthusiasm.
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